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All Access Production & Post specializes in High Definition and 4K videography for television networks, corporations, public relations firms and advertising agencies. We provide creative, knowledgeable and professional video production crews throughout Orlando, FL and Washington, D.C., who go beyond the call of duty to deliver the results you expect.

  • YouTube - White Circle


Sound design, audio mixing, sweetening, spotting and VO recordings are done in our dedicated audio post-production suite. The recording studio and suite features a ProTools 10 system running on HDX hardware and uses a C24 control surface. The audio suite is also tied into our digital router system for complete video monitoring by the sound engineer, director and voice talent.


All Access uses Pro Tools to give us the processing muscle we need to work with extremely large, complex, and technically demanding recording sessions. From music recording to media post, Pro Tools will redefine the limits of audio production on your next project.



We employ sound design across a variety of disciplines including: film-making, television production, theater, sound recording, live performance, sound art, post-production, and music production.


As a full-service company, we provide support in all areas of video production including: equipment, crewing, and production support. From the ground up we handle every facet of the project's needs– which requires an experienced crew with the skills to get your project from first base to home plate. At All Access, we have put together an all-star roster of talent who are all in-line with your project needs. Our team of seasoned leaders have produced award-winning projects for more than 15 years and continually push the limits of creativity in an industry that demands excellence.


Our experienced award-winning video editing team works with the latest software and fastest computers to assemble your 4K or HD video quickly, efficiently and exactly to your specifications. Experienced in broadcast television, corporate seminars and web videos, our team uses on-site edit systems for quick turn-around times and same-day edits.

Our staff of editors and full-time motion graphic designers are ready to produce at the highest levels for your next project. We work with the latest software and equipment available. It’s about capacity when it comes to post, and how much can your facility handle. Well, we can handle a lot, from infomercials, weekly TV series, one-hour national specials and documentaries. You name it, we can run it through our post process.

Our Technologies:

  • Four Final Cut Pro studios

  • 2D/3D in-house animators

  • Four After Effects studios

  • Color grading

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